Harborne Window Cleaner

Cleaning and maintaining your windows is a hard and laborious task. It can be difficult to obtain a high standard of cleanliness with a chamois cloth and a bucket of water, not to mention reaching high level windows safely.

At Oliver James we can provide you with a second to none, safe, professional and outstanding window cleaning service in Harborne and the surrounding areas.

Our equipment is like no other, we use carbon water fed poles with specifically designed brushes that can reach up to 47 feet. We also use filtered, pure water that is heated to 60 degrees.
Here at Oliver James, we pride ourselves on maintaining the outside of your beautiful property, not just your windows but your doors, post boxes, house numbers etc.

Also, by using our services every 8 weeks you are helping to preserve your doors and glass to a high standard for decades, therefore helping to retain your property’s value.