Oliver James MetherellDear Home Owner,

I'm the owner of Oliver James - Window Cleaner™. I've been serving home owners locally since 2011 and we clean the windows of more than 800 houses in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Bromsgrove, and Redditch.

Our clients include Surgeons, Barristers, a High Court Judge and a Knight of the Realm. I guess you could say that we're "The Window Cleaner to The Stars". I've learned a few things over the years...  (1) offer the best service possible, (2) guarantee that service without question.

This is what our customers say...

Your company relieved us of this onerous chore and the results were immediately positive and very noticeable... As for the service this was excellent, punctual and considered very good value given the work and all the cleaning procedures involved. (David Clifford, Blenheim Road, Moseley)

You do always do a great job and I really appreciate your efforts with all the glass in the conservatory too, and how you always take time wiping down window sills. We have the cleanest windows on the street, on the outside at least! (Dr Lindsay Marshall, Tennal Road, Harborne, Client for over 5 years.)

Here are some reasons why so many home owners trust us with their beautiful homes:

'Soap Free' technology

The technology we use is 'soap-free'. This means that there is no sticky soap residue that will attract dirt. So the finish on your glass lasts longer - up to 8 weeks depending on aspect.

Value for Money

Because the finish lasts longer; we can offer a 12 weekly schedule. A longer frequency of 12 weeks gives you terrific value for money and major savings on your annual window cleaning costs.

Guaranteed Streak-Free Glass

The service includes Glass, Sills, Frames And Doors - every time.

Extra Reach

We can get to windows above extensions and conservatories and also second and third storey work: so no more dirty windows that other window cleaners cannot get to.

Peace of Mind

We carry full public liability insurance with Axa Insurance PLUS extra insurance that few window cleaners know about; that covers you; the home owner; for 'Damage to Property Being Worked Upon'.

Period Property Specialists

The only local window cleaners who specialise in period property.


Since 2011 we have cleaned nearly a million windows - So we won't be practising on yours. We're uniformed professionals and the standard service includes glass, sills, frames and doors.

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